Foodaholics in Ahmedabad

What started as a casual conversation between two friends, Rohan Bhatt & Esha Shah, back in 2012 took a solid form and shape within an extremely short span of time. It surpassed their vision, leading them to reform their goals and mission for this group. The objective behind creating ‘Foodaholics in Ahmedabad (FiA), a facebook group, is to unite food lovers and provide them a platform to be delirious about their love for eating. That’s where the name earns it’s etymology from "Food-a-holics": a community which gets intoxicated with food and is addicted to it! The 40,000 members are from different walks of food community. There are food-critics, food connoisseurs, restaurant owners, home bakers, home-makers, students, working professionals, parents, husbands who can cook to wives who can’t, lovers trying to find that perfect place for a date to a clueless someone with a ready-to-eat packet in their hands. 

The close moderation of this facebook group has ensured that the discussions on this forum are focused, the questions are objective, the answers are subjective, the opinions are unbiased and the members are respected as well as respectable. 


Around 2014, when FiA was almost two years old, Rohan and Esha, decided that it was time to take the group offline and start getting people together on ground. As the virtual members increased, so did the experiential value of the community. From food styling and photography workshops to random meets and more, the community was getting stronger and coming closer –with just one objective – food. 
In 2015, they set their eyes on breaking records! December 2015 marked their foray into the Limca Book of Records when they hosted India’s largest potluck party in Ahmedabad. And then a few months later, they conquered the Guinness World Record too by conducting the World’s largest potluck party that was attended by 1855 people, who got food to participate!